How to Write Your Book - ROGER C. PARKER - Recording

Writing a Book: A Stress-Free Guide to Getting Your Book Written -- Presented Roger C. Parker as part of the 2010 Nonfiction Writers Conference.

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How to Write Your Book
Presented by Roger C. Parker
as part of the 2010 Nonfiction Writer's Conference

Writing a book doesn’t have to be the stressful, time-consuming experience it often is!

During this session, Roger will share the perspective and tools he’s used to over 30 best-selling books while helping launch the careers of numerous, successfully-branded, nonfiction authors.

You’ll learn several key attitudes, habits, and tools that will help you write your book as efficiently as possible, while getting a head start on marketing and promoting it while you write it.

You’ll gain a new perspective on stress-free writing; you’ll learn how to:

* Organize your ideas (and come up with new ones)
* Choose the right title
* Position your book
* Find the time to write
* Organize your ideas before you begin to write
* Select the right software (and take full use of it)
* Set your computer up for maximum efficiency
* Keep yourself motivated
* Avoid writer’s block (and cure if it strikes)
* Identify the warning signs of procrastination
* Keep the momentum going
* and more!

As a special bonus, Roger will announce a special Published & Profitable page containing selected resources and tools for event attendees.

Roger C. Parker is an author of over 30 books that have sold over 1.6 million copies, and he's a popular book coach.


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