Author Websites and Search Engine Optimization - V. MICHAEL SANTORO - Transcript

How to Dominate Google and Brand Yourself as an Authority Using Search Engine Marketing -- Presented V. Michael Santoro as part of the 2010 Nonfiction Writers Conference.

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Author Websites and Search Engine Optimization
Presented by V. Michael Santoro
as part of the 2010 Nonfiction Writer's Conference

Today, authors need to incorporate an effective SEM campaign into their branding and book marketing campaign. This includes offering high quality original content that conforms to successful Internet Marketing standards. Do it correctly and you will brand yourself as an authority in your niche. Get it wrong and your efforts will have been a waste of valuable time.

With this course you will discover how to:

• Create a solid SEM plan – Your roadmap for success
• Generate an effective long tail keyword list – Most essential step and most off done incorrectly!
• Determine SEM content requirements
• Leverage your content for maximum exposure
• Avoid duplicate content penalties
• Obtain better search engine positioning for both your Web pages and marketing material
• Set up a lead capture page to build your list
• Incorporate an autoresponder to build a relationship with your subscribers

V. Michael Santoro is an award-winning author of several books and an authority in search engine marketing for websites.


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